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Sega West joins the TikTok bandwagon

Sega TikTok

In Sega West’s first TikTok, we can live an experience that many video game fans dream of.

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? That’s what many video game companies have thought, preferring Instagram to TikTok. Even so, after the increase in popularity, more and more companies are joining TikTok. Companies like Nintendo are not yet betting on joining the platform, but Sony, Xbox, and more have.

After having joined some time ago, the official Japanese SEGA account broke the mold on TikTok. But it wasn’t until a few days ago that SEGA West joined the most popular social network of 2022.

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A new perspective of SEGA

SEGA has always been considered one of those secretive video game companies (much less so than Nintendo). Despite this, the company has opened up in recent years – joining trends, indulging in collaborations that were unthinkable in the past, and more.

But this new take on social networks, TikTok in particular, allows us to see a little more of one of the most beloved companies in the industry. As an example of this, SEGA West’s second TikTok presents a POV of what a day working at SEGA would be like. We can see the outskirts of the European offices, and an interior set with classic SEGA elements.

We can even see a Giant Sonic welcoming us! For many video game fans, it’s a dream, but thanks to this new TikTok account, we can appreciate a more personal take on the company. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you visit SEGA West’s profile on TikTok.

Watch the new TikTok from SEGA West down below!

@sega_west A day in the life working at SEGA! Part 1 💙 #SEGA #Gaming #GameTok #ADayInTheLife ♬ Yacht Club – MusicBox