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Sephonie explores a deep, emotional narrative that spans human history about the strong relationships of a trio, the goals of countries, and the fragile connection between humans and their environment.

Sephonie, the forthcoming story-driven 3D platformer from the developers of Anodyne, Anodyne 2, Even the Ocean, All Our Asias, Bratavism, and more will debut on PC and Mac in Q4 2021. The game awaits us with a captivating story, soothing music, and a large puzzle design based on platforms.

A beautiful and relaxing platformer

In Sephonie, users will use the innovative Puzzle Grid technology to explore a vast subterranean network and connect with undiscovered creatures. Explore the depths of the island as stranded biologists Amy, Ing-wen, and Riyou, unraveling scientific and spiritual secrets while being watched over by a mythical creature who exists beyond human history.

Sephonie‘s caves range from verdant, emerald chasms to reddish flora-filled sandstone tunnels. Their rough and rugged layouts necessitate a suitable move set. Use the thrilling Teledash Vault to leap over high ledges, the quick-but-risky Sprint to traverse large distances, and the smart Wallrun to avoid perilous outcroppings.

You’ll rotate and put a sequence of multi-colored puzzle pieces into the board, connecting big, same-colored islands, using the one-of-a-kind “Puzzle Grid” method. The caverns are teeming with both little and gigantic animals, each having its own significance to the cave’s ecosystem and a unique obstacle to conquer.

A trip where things go wrong

As they explore Sephonie‘s tunnels, the trio’s goals and loyalties will be tested as they face not just rocks and monsters but also their innermost memories and dreams. As they become increasingly acquainted with each other and the island, an ancient power simmering deep under the island’s abyss may endanger their budding love.

Sephonie will be available for Windows PC and Mac in the 4th quarter of 2021. A demo of the forthcoming game is currently available on Steam for anybody interested in taking part.

Watch the Sephone trailer here on Game Freaks 365!