Settlement Survival leaving Steam Early Access, officially launching October 24

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Settlement Survival officially launches on October 24

The low poly city builder Settlement Survival is about to leave Steam Early Access.

After a hugely successful Early Access period, Banished-inspired Settlement Survival has received sweeping additions to its scope and depth since it arrived on Steam a year ago. Cozy building meets natural disasters as you construct your dream settlement in this city builder.

Offering challenging gameplay for hardened city-building enthusiasts or cozy risk-free creations thanks to its fully customizable procedural options, Settlement Survival allows players to manipulate the landscape, manage limited supplies, plant crops, hunt wildlife, gather resources, and develop trade routes; players are given complete creative freedom to build their dream settlement however they choose.

Featuring unique maps, seasonal weather cycles, and natural disasters that directly affect your settlement and its citizens, from torrential rain and heavy snowstorms to tornadoes and fires, you’ll need to heed the early warning signs if you’re to survive.

With major improvements made to almost all areas of the game since it launched into Early Access, Settlement Survival now offers seasonal events, a brand-new user interface as well refined trade balance. The end result is a city builder with layers of complexity, creative freedom, and customization that can challenge even the most experienced builder.

The game is available now on Steam with the full version launching on October 24.