Seven Pirates H
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Seven Pirates H now available for physical pre-orders

Seven Pirates H

The new game from Idea Factory is brought to you on Playasia.

Idea Factory and Eastasiasoft recently announced that their new game, Seven Pirates H, will be released in two physical editions, both of which are currently available for pre-order at Playasia. This conventional RPG centered on adventure and discovery will be available in both a normal and limited edition format, along with a slew of bonuses.

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates was first published in Japan for the PlayStation Vita in 2016 and was never translated into English. With its ensemble of scantily clad heroines on a treasure quest, this new Switch-enhanced edition gives a huge dose of fan service.

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A mix of RPG and fan service

Seven Pirates H

Players will embark on an adventure with juvenile pirate Parute Kairi and perverse monster child Otton in search of the Monsupi Sea’s buried treasures. Parute sets out with a mystical compass and the support of her new monster friends, determined to earn a legendary reputation for herself, but what begins as a lighthearted journey across unexplored islands eventually exposes something more sinister.

Parute and company learn some frightening realities about the monarch who commands these seas via their colorful encounters with competing pirates and needy townspeople, all culminating in a clash that might tear their beloved crew apart.

Seven Pirates H

The limited edition physical version of Seven Pirates H will only have 4,000 copies printed. It includes:

  • Seven Pirates H Collector’s Box
  • Seven Pirates H Game
  • Seven Pirates H Manual
  • Seven Pirates H Original Soundtrack
  • Seven Pirates H Art Book
  • Seven Pirates H Sticker Set
  • Seven Pirates H numbered certificate

If you want to get your hands on one of the two physical editions of the game, you can pre-order the game now at PlayAsia. The standard edition costs $39.99 and the limited edition version costs $59.99. It should be noted that these are Asian versions with English subtitles. They work on Switch consoles worldwide.

Watch the game trailer down below.