Sheltered 2 is available today on PC

Sheltered 2

Venture into the wasteland in Sheltered 2, Unicube’s strategic survival game.

Sheltered 2, a new resource management survival game by Team17 and Unicube Studios, was released on PC today. As we previously said on Game Freaks 365, Sheltered 2 expands on the previous game, introducing new difficulties, more strategic gameplay, and the ever-present fear of annihilation to the end of the planet. It has reworked combat mechanics, a new 3D visual style, and harsh obstacles.

Survive in the Wasteland…

In comparison to its predecessor, Sheltered 2 presents a significant survival challenge. The wasteland is a hazardous and harsh place to travel alone, and as the faction leader, ensuring sure resources are handled, survivors are nourished and pleased, and relationships with competing factions are maintained will be the key to surviving the punishing environment of Sheltered 2.

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As in every survival game, players must balance their survivors’ needs and desires, manage precious resources, create things needed to maintain the shelter, cook meals, and build equipment to keep their group alive, and with the enhanced power system, players may produce energy in new ways.

An improved faction system.

The factions’ system lets players form alliances with other groups in order to give resources and assistance to their base, or they may grab their guns and do things the old-fashioned way. The faction leader is the most essential member of a shelter in this fresh take on the franchise, sporting their own unique and strong qualities, the faction leader will be vital to victory, with their death signifying game over.

Following the formation of your faction, you and your teammates will employ a range of talents, as well as the ability to form parties of four and target particular body parts on their foes, to deliver the most visceral damage in battle scenarios. Each movement has a stamina cost. Thus strategy will be at the center of every fight, with every move vital in the balance of life and death.

Sheltered 2 is now available on PC via Steam and GOG.

Watch the launch trailer of Sheltered 2 here on Game Freaks 365.

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