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Sheltered 2 is going to be released on Steam next month

Sheltered 2

Sheltered 2 now has a release date. The resource management survival sequel will have new challenges and more strategic gameplay.

Sheltered 2 has been announced by Team 17 and Unicube Studios. The game places players in a post-apocalyptic scene and challenges them to survive the horrors that lie at the end of the world.

This sequel includes redesigned combat systems and new faction mechanisms for deeper strategic gameplay, a new 3D visual style, and severe survival challenges strewn throughout the destroyed Earth’s surface.

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Factions, combat, and more

The factions system in the game is critical to the success of a campaign. It allows players to forge relationships with other groups as either the faction leader or a member of it. Factions provide their base with resources and support, or they can grab their weapons and take things the old-fashioned way.

New for Sheltered 2, the faction leader is the most significant member of a shelter. They have their own unique and powerful qualities. The faction leader will be essential to success, with their death resulting in game over.

Players will need to employ a range of talents, as well as the ability to form parties of four and target particular body areas on their foes to deliver the most visceral harm in combat.

Each movement has a stamina cost. Thus strategy will be at the center of every fight. Every move is vital in the balance of life and death. Players will confront a variety of obstacles in the harsh wasteland including starvation, asphyxiation, severe temperatures, and combat.

If you want to start the unique journey that Sheltered 2 has to offer you, it will be available on Steam on September 21.

Watch the Sheltered 2 trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NS1D_Vtogw&w=1280&h=721]