Ship of Fools
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Ship of Fools announced for PC and consoles

Ship of Fools

Hop in the boat and get ready to experience with a friend one of the best roguelite adventures to come out this year.

Ship of Fools, a co-op roguelite with stunning art, is coming to PC and consoles later this year, according to Team 17 and Frika Productions. In this roguelite, we’ll fight terrifying marine animals and megagoliatras from all across the Archipelago in a series of deadly roguelite races in an attempt to halt The Eternal Storm and the impending Aquapocalypse.

A roguelite that’s a bit out of the ordinary

The Fools must work together to avoid encounters with foes once they set sail aboard the Stormstrider into the stormy waters encircling and whirling around the Archipelago.

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Ship of Fools

They will be able to gather awards, uncover lost treasures and distant island stores, use harpoons to plunder goods adrift in the wide sea, and finally kill the final boss and attempt to prevent the end of the world in this manner. All of them evolved over time, allowing you to unlock more Fools in the middle of a race, each with their own unique skill.

They will also rescue those stuck on the different islands and bring them back to the center, where they will set up stalls where the Fools can shop. New types of cannons can be acquired along the route, while trinkets and artifacts discovered in the archipelago’s seas can provide passive improvements to the crew, enhancing their courageous endeavors to avert the Aquapocalypse.

An adventure that roguelite enthusiasts will undoubtedly like, and with the option to play with pals, this adventure will be much more entertaining and chaotic. In 2022, Ship of Fools will be released for PC and consoles. In addition, from April 7 to 9, players in London will be able to try out the game’s demo exclusively at W.A.S.D.

Watch the game announcement trailer down below!