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Shiva the Destroyer is available now in Smite

Shiva the Destroyer

A new welcome pass full of free rewards, along with the arrival of the Hindu deity.

Smite has gotten its second update of 2022, which was revealed today. Season 9 of Smite arrives to coincide with the release of Shiva the Destroyer, a new deity in the game, as well as the new Welcome Pass, a free reward system for all players.

Since Ganesha’s arrival in 2017, this world-famous Hindu god is the first to enter the game. The driving philosophy in the construction of Shiva in Smite has been to keep loyal to his generally acknowledged Hindu image more than ever before.

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A very careful character design and faithful to the story

A cultural consultant aided the Smite creators at every aspect of Shiva’s design process, including her weapons and equipment, gameplay, and general personality. Shiva is the personification of serenity, grace, and compassion, yet he is also fury, a raging storm that destroys all in its path.

When Shiva landed upon Earth, he destroyed it, putting an end to Tiamat’s year-long reign of terror over the gods. Shiva then rebuilt the planet, ushering in the Dharmic Age, in which the gods experience unprecedented peace and togetherness.

The Tandava dance, Shiva’s ultimate dance, unfolds dynamically. Players may add inputs to perform different dance routines while channeling. Shiva also has a special mobility ability that allows him to create a massive pillar of fire and meditate inside it before bursting out.

The new reward system: Welcome Pass

Despite the addition of a new deity to the game, the Welcome Pass is the cherry on top. By introducing the brand new Welcome Pass, a new reward system that is absolutely free for everyone, today’s update takes a significant step forward in the experience for new Smite players.

New and existing players may now get their own Welcome Pass, which gives particular benefits for each of the first 20 games they play. It’s a customized feature that lasts for 30 days once each player login into SMImite for the first time.

Shiva the Destroyer

Gems, power-ups, and four playable Gods have been unlocked for good in this initial Welcome Pass: Cerberus, Medusa, Kukulkan, and the seductive Nu Wa. Each character will come with their own unique skin.

The new Smite update is out now. The game is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, and PC.

Watch the Shiva cinematic trailer down below!