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Showa American Story is a wild game coming to PC, PS4, and PS5

Showa American Story

Japanese culture has conquered the United States… completely.

Nekcom Games, the Chinese developer behind games like Dying: Reborn and Dying: 1983, has revealed Showa American Story, a strange new game. This third-person action game with RPG elements depicts a future in which Japan has entirely overrun the United States.

A totally unexpected future

Yes, as you hear it, Japan’s economic clout has effectively converted the United States into an unofficial colony. A weird occurrence also resulted in the appearance of zombies and monsters, which permanently changed civilization. It’s a completely insane universe in which we will control Choko, a girl who is brought back to life owing to a strange ability that has granted her a second chance.

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Showa American Story

There will be a lot of mini-games in Showa American Story. The visual style is a blend of 1980s American society and Japan’s Showa Period. Also expect a healthy dose of zombie horror and post-apocalyptic themes thrown in for good measure.

The release date for this game is unknown, but we do know that Showa American Story is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. You may add the game to your Steam wishlist right now.

Watch the game trailer down below!