Shuttle Commander launches players to space on PlayStation VR

There’s a new VR game on PS4 that lets you take part in the Hubble Space Telescope missions. It’s called Shuttle Commander.

According to the developers, you’ll get first-hand experience with accurate recreations of the space missions, shuttle cockpit, and Hubble Space Telescope.

“Join the crew on the space shuttle missions and assist in the deployment and servicing of the Hubble,” the developers say. “Celebrate the discoveries and experience how this remarkable apparatus changed our understanding of the universe around us through science visualization segments which are based on actual data discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope over the past three decades.”

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It sounds like the best part of the game is when you’ll fly the space shuttle in an accurate physics-based landing simulation. What could possibly go wrong? The game is available now in the PlayStation Store.

Watch a trailer for Shuttle Commander below:

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