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Thanks to Proletariat, we’ve been given away Spellbreak Warlock Chapter Pack codes on Twitter and Facebook. Next, we’re giving away codes to our newsletter subscribers!

The latest winners are @tps_andreas and @AppaSwitch on Twitter, who won our #FreeCodeFriday giveaway. We’ll be giving away more game codes on Twitter this coming Friday. So be sure to follow us @gamefreaks365.

As for the Spellbreak Warlock Chapter Pack, the next giveaway is through our newsletters. You’ll have one chance to win when you sign up for the Game Freaks 365 Daily Newsletter. You’ll have a second chance to win when you sign up for the Game Deals 365 Newsletter.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for one or both of our newsletters.
  2. Wait to receive an email with a secret giveaway password. We will send the secret giveaway password on Thursday, February 4.
  3. Message the giveaway password to our Twitter account along with your preferred platform. You’ll need to follow us to send the message.
  4. The first SIX people to respond will win the Spellbreak Warlock Chapter Pack.
  5. Enjoy your time in Spellbreak!

NOTE: Platform preferences go to the person who responds fastest. We recommend listing your platform preferences in case we exhaust codes. Also, codes may be region-specific.

We’re doing these extra steps to prevent bots from claiming the codes. We still have codes for Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox. Good luck!