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Silent Hill black label for PS1 listed at almost $20,000 on eBay

Silent Hill eBay

If you have a used game, you can still manage to sell it for over $100.

Silent Hill enthusiasts continue to flourish and make fan-made games of the PS1 game in 2022, as we reported yesterday. The game has risen in popularity so much, and rumors of a new game from Hideo Kojima continue to spread, that you can now see Buy It Now listings for $20,000 and auctions with actual bids for over $500.

A classic that has gained substantial value

You could still bid for $300 as of yesterday, but the Silent Hill community, as well as the video game collecting community, has their sights set on the original game once more. It was released in North America 23 years ago, making it a terrific addition to any video game collection.

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Although the versions of the game being sold in these auctions are new and sealed with WATA certification, secondhand copies are also attracting interest. You can get used copies for as little as $100 on eBay. But many hardcore collectors prefer them new and sealed.

With the gaming community, every day is a surprise. One day, we may be discussing a game that has been in development for the longest period and now holds a Guinness World Record, or how a 23-year-old game can sell for over $500. If you want to see it for yourself, go here to enter the auction, which finishes in six days.