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Silicon City is coming to Early Access next month

Silicon City

Silicon City is a modern take on retro city-builders from the late 90s and early 2000s

Polycorne Studio has announced the release date for its debut title, Silicon City, on Steam Early Access today. The French company has revealed that the game will be released in Early Access on October 14th via a new teaser.

A modern retro city builder.

Silicon City pays homage to the good old city builders of the 90s and early 2000s. It revisits traditional gaming elements such as grid-based playgrounds with generative creation, various forms of construction, road traffic organization, and citizen evolution management.

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In Polycorne’s latest game, you must construct a city from randomly generated land and enhance its appeal by constructing homes and developing jobs in order to attract new inhabitants, commonly known as Silizens. You will also be responsible for managing the city’s budget, ensuring the city’s urban growth, improving the electrical network, roads, and a variety of other facilities for a better living.

All of this while keeping your population’s needs in mind, dealing with terrible weather occurrences, and transforming your town into a lovely city full of happy Silizens. As a result, you may become the wonderful mayor whom the city and its Silizens will remember for a long time.

The title has two game modes: Sandbox mode, in which you may build and govern the city of your desires without limits, and Story mode, in which you build, enhance, attract, and become a renowned mayor. During its time in Steam Early Access, the company intends to include a multiplayer mode and an election system that would allow you to be re-elected in your city.

Silicon City will be available on Steam Early Access on October 14th. The game has a free demo on Steam, where you may get started on Polycorne Studio’s city builder.

Watch the Steam Early Access trailer here on Game Freaks 365.