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Six Best Historically Accurate Games

Out of the many historically accurate games out there, these are our picks for the six best games that are historically accurate. While these games aren’t completely accurate, they depict the times and situations of history well. Plus, they’re all a lot of fun to play, too.

6. Assassin’s Creed series

Six Best Historically Accurate Games Assassin's Creed Infinity

Let’s get this very obvious pick out of the way. Every Assassin’s Creed game is historically accurate to a major degree. Granted, the stories and player actions are not historically accurate but the settings and the characters are. In almost all the games, you can meet prominent figures of history and those encounters are very interesting. The cities and towns and villages of the games are also quite accurate and it’s fun and engaging to observe the townsfolk and their actions, sometimes.

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In particular, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey impressed us with their settings depicting ancient Egypt and Greece, respectively. We also think that Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the best games in the series thanks to its depiction of Paris and Versailles during the French Revolution.

5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of the best games on this list and it is also the most realistic. It’s an engaging and in-depth RPG set in Bohemia. The game promises to take the player on an adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. Everything about this game is so realistic, from the gameplay to the way people behave, based on their classes. The game also looks insanely good. There are a lot of in-game articles you can read to learn quite a lot about society at the time. It’s very clear that the developers had put much time and effort into making the perfect and educational medieval RPG experience.

4. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

As we all know, Rockstar is a company that’s incredibly talented in creating wonderful worlds. L.A. Noire takes place in Los Angeles in the 1940s. While the story of the game is fictional, what’s so accurate is the city of Los Angeles. It’s so immersive and realistic. There are a lot of landmarks that you can explore, and the developers did a lot of research on 1940s Los Angeles before making this game. And clearly, their hard work paid off. The game is relatively open-ended and you can explore LA freely. The vehicles of the game are also realistic and unlike other Rockstar games because they have genuine names.

3. Age of Empires series

Age of Empires series

Surely, you’ve at least heard about this beautiful franchise if you hadn’t played one of the games already. Age of Empires is a strategy franchise that was a part of many gamers’ childhoods. In the game, you take control of a historical faction – for example, Genghis Khan’s Mongols – and engage in warfare, trade, etcetera. There are multiple campaigns in each game and each of them is historically accurate.

2. Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is somewhat similar to Age of Empires, but it’s much more in-depth and players sink hundreds (or even thousands) of hours into this game. You take control of a nation through four centuries and engage in trading, warfare, and domination of lands and other nations.

This can be an overwhelming game to the first-time player, but I am positive that most will be hooked to it once they grasp the fundamental mechanics. However, do not buy it expecting a digital Risk as it is so much more than that. You can often find it on sale at Humble Store.

1. Brothers in Arms series

Brothers in Arms series

Brothers in Arms games are tactical FPS games that take place in the destructive and chaotic second world war. You take control of a squad and lead them to objectives in a dramatic story based on real-life incidents. The game’s environment and weaponry are also realistic; the series gets way less attention and love than it deserves. If you’re into the history of WWII, you’ll love the series.

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