Skater XL debuts esports skate event

Skater XL

The Oshawa Arena Map Update is hosting the first Skater XL FakeSkate Open Live Contest.

Skater XL‘s inaugural online esports event was announced today by Easy Day Studios. Eight of the greatest “fake skaters” from each console platform from around the world will compete live for cash prizes and online fame in the FakeSkate Open Live Contest. The developer also released a new map: the Oshawa Arena.

The Oshawa Arena map is based on real-world skateparks in the Oshawa, Ontario, Canada region. Brookzee99, a modder, designed the map, which embodies the essence of competitive skateparks. In addition, the indoor skatepark has been designed for performance by Easy Day Studios and includes obstacles and characteristics present in many professional skating facilities.

The FakeSkate Open Live Contest will feature the new map. The event is the first of its type in the world of esports skateboarding. With 24 qualifiers from all console platforms chosen from over 400 entries, the $500 cash prize and other prizes are up for grabs.

On Saturday, February 5, the FakeSkate Open Live Contest will take place. Skater XL is available on Steam for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Watch the Oshawa Arena trailer down below!

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