Skype Debuts on PlayStation Vita

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One of the major complaints that gamers have of the PlayStation Vita so far are the availability of apps. While you can access Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Netflix, the Vita lacks the robust app market that drives Android and Apple’s iOS. Amazingly, you can’t even find Angry Birds on the Vita.

Sony is hoping to soothe at least some of the angst by announcing that Skype is coming to the Vita. Both the wireless 3G model and the Wi-Fi system will support Skype video calling. It seems like a potential game-changer for people looking to ditch expensive cell-phone plans in favor of a mobile version of Skype.

“Our users appreciate being able to access Skype features wherever and whenever they choose,” said Skype’s Manrique Brenes. “With the launch of Skype for PS Vita, we are taking another step towards our ultimate goal of making Skype video calling available on every platform, all over the world, and meeting the demands of existing PlayStation users to offer video on a gaming console.”