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Smart Boy: Meet the Fan-Made Nintendo Smart Phone Concept

Smart Boy

Nintendo has yet to show any inclination toward abandoning standalone gaming handhelds in favor of a smartphone, although the company has said that they will release five mobile games before March 2017. That isn’t stopping one fan from dreaming big.

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The “Smart Boy” is a fan-made rendering of what a Nintendo smartphone might look like using Android OS. It draws heavy inspiration from both the Game Boy name and design — just without the monochrome screen.

The concept comes with a rear camera, micro USB slot, and headphone jack. Cartridges would provide extra storage. An attachment called the “Game Bat” would add a D-pad, analog stick and face buttons.

Of course none of this will come to fruition since it is a fan-made concept and not actually designed by Nintendo. One can only hope that Nintendo will take some hints here, though, and make something similar in the not too distant future.

If Nintendo made a smartphone