smite season 9
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Smite Season 9 arrives with a new map, event, and more

smite season 9

Enjoy a new event, a new Conquest Map, and a brand new season pass.

The long wait is over, as the new season of Smite has arrived, according to Hi-Rez Studios. Season 9 introduces a new mode, an event, and a robust battle pass to all players. It’s the ideal moment for individuals who have been away from Smite for a while to return.

The Darmic era event and a conquest map

Every two weeks, the Hi-Rez team will offer an event bundle with four special goods as part of this season. The bundles will initially cost 900 gems, with the previous bundle costing 1200 gems once the next one is launched. Players who purchase two bundles will get the unique Rama skin, while those who purchase four packages will receive the infinite Loki skin.

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smite season 9

We shall be able to “see” the Hindu gods of the Codex by “seeing” them in the games, as the event’s name suggests. This may be accomplished by playing as, with, or against these Hindu deities. The player receives the Ultimate Hindu Pantheon Frame after seeing a deity three times. Each time a god’s picture in the Codex is finished, this frame gains an icon.

In addition, a new Conquest map devoted to the Hindu gods will be released during this event. The map’s visual style is evolving to depict Shiva’s ushering in a new age of peace. The Order side depicts a Shiva temple on Mount Olympus, whereas the Chaos side has gotten overgrown with plants since Tiamat abandoned it, with mortals demolishing and rebuilding the remains as they see fit.

New Game Mode

Smite becomes a permanent game mode with this new season 9, despite the fact that it may not seem such. Slash combines components from Siege and Clash games to create a whole new experience.

The map has the typical tower, phoenix, and titan objectives, as well as a jungle that is halfway between Siege and Clash in size. Clash’s spacious center area and 5v5 team sizes assure frequent fighting and rotations, as do the new Juggernaut camps, which, like in Siege, may be cleared to spawn your own lane-pushing, teleporting Juggernaut.

Players will take on the role of the Mayans, with a brand-new art set for this iconic pantheon. The Egyptian side will be represented by Chaos players. It’s a new addition to the game that the devs are quite pleased with.

The New Season Battle Pass

For 2022, the new Season Pass, the best-value annual package, is now available. It includes all of the Season 9 Gods, as well as fantastic material for each, as well as the limited skin Space Scoundrel Danzaburou.

smite season 9

The Dharmic Era in-game event, which began today, offers skin bundles for purchase, as well as extra collection prizes that lead to the Croaki Loki Unlimited skin. Quests are also completely free for everyone, and they earn a Hindu Pantheon Loading Frame that evolves as they proceed through the festival.

With symbols of the criminal Underworld such as Crimson Kraken Poseidon as an immediate unlock, Devil Punk Da Ji as a free skin, and Angel of Death Thanatos as the ultimate prize, SMITE’s new Battle Pass: Hellfire Syndicate is coming along with Season 9.

This, and much more, awaits the gamers of this fantastic third-person MOBA in the game’s upcoming season 9. Smite is available on all platforms except mobile devices.

Watch the Slash game mode presentation trailer down below!