Sneakers Custom Simulator
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Sneakers Custom Simulator lets you design shoes

Sneakers Custom Simulator

Have you ever wanted to design your own sneakers? This game will let you do it!

Yeyuna, a small independent developer, has announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for Sneakers Custom Simulator. It’s a unique new simulation game that lets you customize sneakers.

Become a sneaker designer

Sneakers Custom Simulator is a game that allows you to sit in your own workshop and personalize your sneakers with numerous tools. There are two game modes in this game. A career mode in which we will deal with order fulfillment and company development, and a design mode in which you can freely build your own projects and export them to a variety of formats.

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Sneakers Custom Simulator

There are two game types in the game: design mode and career mode. In design mode, players can freely alter the shoes using all of the tools available, save and export their creations to usable formats for full personalization. We can also repair broken shoes, clean them, and apply the appropriate care impregnations once they’ve been painted.

Players can boost their skill level and earn money to develop their workshop in the game’s career mode by completing story mode orders. To please our consumers, each order has unique specifications that we must meet.

A well-organized Kickstarter campaign

The Yeyuna development team is seeking funding for the creation of a playable demo of Sneakers Custom Simulator, which will only include the design mode. Not only will this allow you to share the game on Steam, but it will also allow the development team to raise funds for the entire game.

You can support the campaign here if you’re interested in the title and want to fulfill your dream of designing sneakers. You can also wishlist the game on Steam.

Watch the trailer down below!