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SnowRunner Land Rover Dual Pack DLC out now

SnowRunner Land Rover Dual Pack DLC out now

Now you can drive a Land Rover in SnowRunner.

The open-world off-roading game SnowRunner welcomes a new and much-anticipated addition to its powerful vehicle roster: the Land Rover Defender.

Saber Interactive provided us with more details on what players can expect:

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Land Rover finally joins the most advanced off-road simulation! The addition of the iconic brand is exciting news for the whole community, and its debut pack, the Land Rover Dual Pack, will thrill all off-road enthusiasts, introducing two generations of the legendary Land Rover Defender.

Faithfully rebuilt for the first time in SnowRunner, the Land Rover Defender is an overland icon first which saw the day in 1948 and is a symbol of power, durability and versatility to this day. The Defender series has established itself as a must-have for all off-road adventurers everywhere. Its resistance to all conditions has now come to brave SnowRunner’s perilous open world!

The Land Rover Dual Pack is available now for purchase on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC as a standalone DLC. It’s coming soon to Xbox One.

Watch the DLC trailer below!