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Sold out wireless SNES controller for Switch already showing up on eBay

Nintendo Switch Online’s wireless SNES controller sold out within hours of going live on Nintendo’s website yesterday. Unsurprisingly, the controller is already appearing on eBay.

The controllers only retail for $29.99 each, which is probably a big reason why they got snatched up in the blink of an eye. Now they’re being listed for as much as $110 on eBay.

So far, we’ve seen ten different listings. While there aren’t as many listings as you might expect, it’s still disappointing to see. We hope that Nintendo makes sure that there is enough supply available for people who actually want to use the controller and not just those who want to re-sell it.

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It’s not clear when Nintendo will re-stock the controller – which is exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers – on their website. The order page only says “currently unavailable” and to “check back later.”

We’ll keep you posted when a new shipment becomes available.