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SOMA is leaving PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium

SOMA is leaving PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium

The PlayStation Store page for SOMA says that it will leave PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium this month.

The horror game SOMA is leaving PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. It’s really unfortunate timing as Halloween is just around the corner and this is a great horror game.

Our friends at Game Rant spotted the news. Here’s their reporting:

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Soma is set to leave PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium on October 18, 2022. Sony usually updates a game’s store page to mark the date it leaves the service, and the same is true in this case. The PlayStation Store page states that PS Plus Extra members get access to Soma, and hundreds of other games, as a part of their subscription. Right below it, fans can see that the offer ends on October 18, which marks the date Soma will leave PS Plus. Users interested in playing it only have ten days remaining, although it’s a relatively short game.

Soma originally came out in 2015 to a positive critical reception, with a lot of praise being given to its story. It belongs to the survival horror genre and was developed by a Swedish studio named Frictional Games. The same developer is responsible for other horror titles like the Penumbra and Amnesia series of games.

Once the game leaves PlayStation Plus, anyone interested in buying the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 will need to pony up $30. Unfortunately, it is not currently available on Xbox Game Pass. You can also buy it DRM-free on PC. This is definitely a game worth checking out if you love horror games. So take advantage while it’s still free on PS Plus Extra and Premium!

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