Somber looks like a cross between Limbo, Ori, and a Tim Burton film


Make things right in a shadowy world that is alive and breathing.

You Will Get There, a Swedish independent studio, has announced the release of its first title, Somber, on Steam next year. This atmospheric action-platformer transports players to a hand-painted world filled with gorgeous vistas and dangerous confrontations.

To create the right recipe for its new game, the Swedish company drew inspiration from a variety of sources. Influences such as Tim Burton, Chris McEntee, the indie classic Limbo, and the Ori series of games have helped the talented indie developers to create an atmospheric action-platformer that will appeal to a wide audience.

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Venture into this shadowy and intriguing world

In Somber, players take on the role of a kind but lethal monster whose aim it is to aid those in need and put things right. But before he can achieve any of it, our hero must first roll, bounce, and crawl his way out of Gloom’s darkly illuminated realm.

Players can anticipate hauntingly stunning, hand-drawn visuals, as well as live worlds to explore from this offbeat title that tries to break the mold.

In the first quarter of 2022, Somber will be available on PC via Steam. If the game catches your attention, you already can save it on your Steam wish list.

Watch the announcement trailer of Somber down below!

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