Sonic Chronicles Spins to Stores on Nintendo DS

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Sega of America today announced that Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, exclusively for the Nintendo DS, has shipped to stores across North America. This stunning game, developed by leading RPG-maker BioWare, brings a rich storyline, beautiful hand-drawn environments and addictive gameplay to Sonic the Hedgehog’s first RPG.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood features classic characters from the Sonic world, including Tails and Knuckles, as well as characters never before seen such as the mysterious Shade. This game also takes players to familiar Sonic locales – like the well known Green Hill Zone and Blue Ridge – as well as dark new worlds to uncover and explore. Players can customize their own team of four favorite characters before they head out to investigate and conquer shady new enemies while striving to save the Chaos emeralds to ensure that their world stays safe from harm.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood presents gamers with a robust RPG experience by taking full advantage of all the DS has to offer using the stylus and Touch Screen. Using this unique system, players can look forward to an intense interactive combat experience as they master high-powered combo moves to use against enemies of all sizes. Taking advantage of the wireless communication features available on the DS, players can also collect and trade Chao – each one of which is endowed with unique power-ups for whatever character they are partnered with.

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