Sonic Frontiers looks really good in new gameplay teaser trailer

Sonic Frontiers

Although it is a short trailer, SEGA satiated fans.

Sonic the Hedgehog has had many ups and downs in the video game industry. Despite being a total success at its inception, it is no secret that Sega has lost its way over the years. But the Japanese company, taking advantage of the franchise’s anniversary, wanted to redeem itself for its failures. Therefore, the company announced a new title for the franchise at The Game Awards 2021: Sonic Frontiers.

Despite having been announced last year, we did not have the opportunity to see what the game would look like; the uncertainty created a lot of doubts among fans of the franchise. Today, Sega surprised us with a short gameplay trailer of Sonic Frontiers. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. It looks great!

Sonic is back and as we have never seen him before!

Sonic has had incursions into the 3D world in the past. Even so, they left a lot to be desired. This is because the original basis of the game was a very fast 2D platformer. Then, when it made the jump to 3D, it lost a lot of the dynamism and speed that it offered in the 2D classics. In the past, SEGA has been criticized for this, so the Japanese company has sought to redeem itself with this new title.

Sonic Frontiers

In the trailer released today, we can see how the new Sonic title plays. This Sonic title has been designed to be multi-platform, so we will see it on last-generation consoles, next-generation consoles, and PC. Despite this, we see a title that simply blows your mind with its graphics.

A game that exceeds expectations

For the first time since the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, we see the blue hedgehog in a realistic environment. After failing in the 3D section for years, SEGA has managed to hit the nail on the head with this title. It even looks so realistic that it doesn’t feel like we’re talking about a Sonic game.

Sonic Frontiers

Even so, we can see classic elements of the franchise, such as the rails, the golden rings, and more. But most importantly, we will see Sonic with his classic appearance, even though the movies have taken a different path.

Despite releasing this gameplay teaser today, there is still very little information about Sonic Frontiers besides showing a redesigned logo and that it has been announced for all platforms; we have not heard perhaps the most important thing: the release date. Sega has assured us that the title will be released this year, but the way things are going, it is possible that we will not see the release by the end of the year.

Thankfully, fans may not need to wait long. IGN says that they will publish a full gameplay trailer tomorrow along with more details.

Watch the gameplay trailer down below!

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