Sonic Origins Plus brings 16 Sonic classics

Also, it will come with a physical edition for those fans of the blue hedgehog

If you’re a fan of the retro world, you’ll know that a new SEGA project has been leaking for a while now. Or, rather, an extension of Sonic Origins. A compilation of Sonic classics that had already been released in the past but were missing more classics like those of the Game Gear.

And after a long time, SEGA has finally confirmed it! They have announced today that Sonic Origins Plus is a reality and will arrive in June for all platforms. A revision of this collection will bring 12 more Sonic titles for Game Gear, plus new characters like Classic Amy or Knuckles.

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Gotta Go Fast!

Sonic Origins Plus

Lately, SEGA is back on the right track. Revisiting their classic and popular franchises, as well as venturing into new games. One of the main goals of the Japanese company is to bring Sonic back to the forefront. And what better way than to reconnect with those die-hard Sonic fans?

Sonic Origins Plus seeks to expand on what Sonic Origins has already delivered in the past. But, SEGA has taken on the task of not only adding new games and characters but also enhancing the graphical quality. 12 Sonic titles released on the Game Gear are emulated in this new edition. These are in addition to Sonic The Hedgehog 1, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD remastered.

In addition, players will now be able to play with Classic Amy in all the titles that were already present in Sonic Origins; or, with Knuckles in Sonic CD. A host of changes will be available in the new Sonic Origins Plus.

And if that wasn’t enough, SEGA has announced that the game will arrive in a digital format and a physical format on all platforms! And, if you already own Sonic Origins, you can get all these additions by purchasing an Expansion Pack. Sonic Origins Plus will be coming to all platforms on June 23rd of this year!

Watch the game trailer down below