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Sony Announces $50 PS3 Game Pricing

Sony is yet again banking on American consumers to pay a premium price for their PlayStation 3 as new pricing reveals that the Japanese have quite a different pricing strategy than America. It was already announced that PS3 would retail for $400 in Japan, $100 cheaper than the US. Now we’ve gotten word that the PS3’s game software (at least first party) will retail for $50.

GamePro.com reports: “Sony Japan has announced that on November 11th, Resistance: Fall of Man and Genji will go on sale for 5980 yen, roughly $50 US. And on December 7th, first-party title MotorStorm will follow suit at the same price.” You could take this move as confidence in their position in America, a lack of confidence in their position in Japan and/or Sony feels that American consumers are willing to pay more, saving money for the company.

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