Sony Announces PSP E3 Lineup

The following is a list of titles that Sony Computer Entertainment America will be showing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 for the PlayStation Portable. All information contained below is subject to change and represents the best information on the titles that we have to date:

ATV Offroad Fury Pro – The most intense handheld off-road racing package is back with ATV Offroad Fury Pro for the PlayStation Portable. In addition to the adrenaline rush of pure ATV racing, players can now choose from more than 30 total vehicles to race, including MX bikes, buggies, and Trophy Trucks to compete on 64 all-new tracks, including tracks from the original ATV Offroad Fury titles.

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Gangs of London – Created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s London Studio, developers of The Getaway franchise, Gangs of London was designed specifically for the PlayStation Portable and will be presented in stunning graphic-novel style narratives. Dynamic storylines enable each player to experience their own unique progression in nearly 60 different missions that immerse gamers in an elite criminal underworld in modern day London. Complete with new gameplay modes, Gangs of London provides intense free-roaming gameplay perfectly tailored for a handheld system.

Killzone: Liberation – Developed by Guerilla, Killzone: Liberation for the PSP is a third-person action game that puts the players into various missions to rescue hostages from the evil Helghast. Inspired by the events in Killzone for PlayStation 2, the story continues in Killzone: Liberation with the battle against the Helghast still raging on. Featuring an intelligent third-person camera system, Killzone: Liberation allows players a more tactical surveillance viewpoint to view their action and read the enemy’s behavior during gameplay. Set in an intense postmodern war reminiscent of the previous PlayStation 2 title, Killzone: Liberation features the unique graphical style to showcase pure grit and realism.

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