Sony Offers Free Identity Theft Protection to PSN Users

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In an effort to please its customers and the U.S. government (which has requested information about the PSN break-in), Sony will be offering free identity theft protection for one year to all PSN users that sign up by June 18. An activation e-mail will be sent to PSN users in the coming days. Having announced that credit card numbers were possibly stolen during an “external intrusion” into the PlayStation Network, the company has already confirmed that names, addresses and e-mails were definitely taken.

Sony is using Debix’s AllClearID Plus program to provide protection to its users. According to GameSpot, the service “includes an insurance policy to provide up to $1 million to cover the impact of identity theft, including legal defense fees and lost pay within a year of the PSN security breach. Additionally, the company will monitor ‘criminal websites and data recovered by law enforcement’ for users’ data. If that personal information is found, the user will receive a phone call or e-mail notifying them and suggesting protective steps.”