Sony Patent Could Pause Your Gameplay for Ads

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Are you ready for annoying in-game ads? If Sony has any say in the matter it just might be coming to a video game near you — and sooner than you think. The company filed a patent that deals with advertising in video games as well as PC, TV, DVR and home media devices.

As Gizmag reports:

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed a patent that could see video games interrupted by compulsory advertising. The patent’s abstract describes the the suspension of “interactive content” in order to display an advertisement, after which interaction resumes.

The patent suggests that a new mode of in-game advertising is under consideration, which to date has seen visual advertising and product placement appearing in games without overtly interfering with play. The development hints that, in future, in-game advertising may adopt a model much closer to commercial television.

While Sony could use this technology on their home console, the PS3, they could also simply be patent poaching in the hopes that another company will want to use the idea and pay royalties. We’ve seen a lot of this type of behavior in the tech industry recently with entire companies being bought up solely for their patent collection. Is that the case in this situation or is Sony really planning on in-game disruptions for advertisements?