Soviets arrive in new Generation Zero Landfall update

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Landfall Generation Zero

The Soviets have arrived in Systemic Reaction’s game with the new update.

Systemic Reaction has released a new free update for Generation Zero, their open-world cooperative action game. The Soviets, a third force antagonistic to both the Resistance and the FNIX robots, are included in the new update Landfall, giving players new strategic options as they face two adversary factions.

New content and improvements to the gameplay experience

This new update introduces two new machine types: the Soviet Lynx and the Wolf, both of which are meant to challenge players and dominate the battlefield in different ways. Players will also receive a free bundle featuring a variety of base-building equipment.

Landfall Generation Zero

New user interface enhancements have been included to improve the gameplay experience. Players will find increased storage and resource capacity, as well as a new weapon wheel for rapid equipment switching, bringing the total number of equipment slots to eight.

The free Landfall update is accompanied by the new DLC, Base Defense Pack. A pillbox with a grenade launcher, spiked wall and floor traps, an explosive barrel, a human decoy, and a sandbagged shooting position are all included in this new DLC.

Generation Zero is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam.

Watch the new update trailer down below!

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