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Speed 3: Grand Prix coming to Switch in late 2020, PS4 and Xbox One later

Speed 3: Grand Prix

Speed 3: Grand Prix is a new arcade circuit racing game coming to the Nintendo Switch before the end of the year.

Speed 3: Grand Prix challenges players to get on the circuit and become the best driver of all time,” the game’s developer says. “Pick your favorite car and make your way towards the first spot in all seasons.”

The game will have you race through American wastelands, the German circuit, and through the neon-filled streets of Tokyo. It mixes “irresistible” high-speed track racing with “explosive” arcade action. Plus, it features both single-player and split-screen multiplayer.

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It will be available both physically and digitally via the Nintendo eShop at the end of 2020. Pre-orders are open now. It retails for $29.99. According to Lion Castle, it’s also planned for PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.

Watch the announcement trailer below!