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Speed 3: Grand Prix races toward the finish line with launch trailer

Speed 3: Grand Prix

Speed 3: Grand Prix is not out until November 10, but Lion Castle and GS2 Games have released the game’s launch trailer.

Speed 3: Grand Prix is a new arcade circuit racing game. The game has you race through American wastelands, the German circuit, and the neon-filled streets of Tokyo. It features both single-player and split-screen multiplayer.

Initially, the game was planned for Nintendo Switch with PS4 and Xbox One versions coming later. But according to GS2 Games, all three versions are launching on November 10 both digitally and physically. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 version are still open.

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According to GS2 Games:

The trailer showcases the intense racing action and spectacle that are to be expected on the various circuits of Speed 3: Grand Prix. It also details special features, such as the local split-screen multiplayer and Time Trial mode, which allows players to challenge their own personal records.

My Take

The graphics do not look all that impressive for a racing game, especially as next-gen consoles are about to launch. However, it still looks like it might be fun to play.

Check out the launch trailer below!