Speedrunner beats Batman: The Video Game for NES in under 10 minutes

Speedrunner beats Batman: The Video Game for NES in under 10 minutes

Batman: The Video Game is one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Based loosely on Batman (1989) starring Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, Billy Dee Williams, and Jack Nicholson, this classic is one of the best licensed video games on the NES. The Sunsoft game is a mix of platformer and old-school action.

Although the gameplay lacks a grappling hook that you might expect from the Dark Knight, you can wall jump like Ryu Hayabusa. Of course, Batman also comes equipped with the Batarang as well as the Batdisk and Batpoon to dispose of the Joker’s baddies.

This was one of the most difficult games on the NES. While I have seen longplays that run around 30 minutes, it was surprising to learn that a speedrunner recently beat the game in under ten minutes. In order to accomplish that, they basically had to run through the entire game without stopping. That meant using a lot of Batman’s various gadgets while avoiding other enemies.

Speedrunner EndySWE‘s world record was accomplished last month. He beat the game in 9 minutes and 47.6 seconds while exploiting The Joker glitch during the final boss fight.

Check out the full world-record speedrun below!

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