SpellForce III Reforced adds new Journey Mode on consoles

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SpellForce III Reforced adds new Journey Mode on consoles

SpellForce III Reforced is coming to consoles this June with upgrades and a new game mode.

Originally released on PC in September 2017, SpellForce III Reforced is getting a console release in the near future. Compared to the original version released on PC, Reforced is not only a complete overhaul but also adds new features to the game. One of them is Journey Mode.

Journey Mode allows you to create your own hero and offers more than 20+ hours of unique content with a lot of replay value while paying tribute to the much-beloved “free game mode” from the original SpellForce. Players can also compete in custom Journey Skirmish matches against each other, which allows them to bring their powerful Journey Heroes to battle.

An improved version

As we previously reported, SpellForce III Reforced improves on the original SpellForce III in terms of campaign experience. This new campaign has enhanced real-time strategic elements and redesigned faction designs from the game’s two expansions. Furthermore, the game contains various enhancements to missions, co-op mode, treasure distribution, and balancing.

Furthermore, the enhanced version will have an aesthetically and functionally upgraded user interface, complete gamepad compatibility, and new content. It also adds new modes such as Journey Mode and Arena Mode, as well as improvements to existing features like compatibility with mods from the original version of the game.

A unique mix of genres

SpellForce III Reforced uniquely mixes an epic role-playing storyline blended with accessible real-time strategy elements. The developers say that it is “designed to offer a riveting console experience to fans and newcomers alike.”

Since it is part RPG, the story plays a central role. Here’s more on the game’s story:

It is the year 518. The rebellion of the renegade mages, known as the Mage Wars, has been quashed by the Crown. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory: Whole regions have fallen into anarchy, refugees roam the lands in search of shelter, and a mysterious, deadly plague called the “Bloodburn” has arisen and is spreading rapidly.

Console Edition Overview

SpellForce III Reforced is already available on PC. It is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on June 7, 2022. It comes in two different editions: a standard edition and a complete edition. The standard edition is $39.99. Meanwhile, SpellForce III Reforced Complete Edition retails for $59.99.

In addition to the SpellForce III Reforced base game, both expansions are available on June 7, 2022. Soul Harvest and Fallen God will each sell separately for $19.99. Both expansions feature their own single-player campaign with 30+ hours of gameplay, as well as new units and more. The Complete Edition includes the base game and expansions.

Watch the Journey Mode trailer below!

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