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Spiritfarer tops 500K units sold as Lily Update goes live


One of the more unique indies of 2020 was Spiritfarer, a game that tackles death in a gentle and heartwarming way. The studio behind it just announced that the game has sold 500,000 copies across all platforms.

“But that’s not all. Spiritfarer is still sitting at Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam thanks to you all,” Thunder Lotus announced in a blog post. “It received nominations at the Game Awards, the DICE Awards, and BAFTA Game Awards, and we won three categories at the Canadian Game Awards.”

Lily Update

In addition to the sales milestone, Thunder Lotus has released the free Lily Update. Just update the game before you play it and the new update should install automatically. The update adds Lily, Stella’s younger sister.

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According to Thunder Lotus:

She’s here to be your guiding light by granting you the ability to navigate at night, and by offering a sweet and personal window into several scenes of Stella‘s life. 👀

Note that she’ll only appear near the very end of the game, so it might a while before you’ll get to actually meet her personally!

What else is new?

That’s not all that’s included in this update. Thunder Lotus also added some quality of life improvements. In addition to Lily joining your boat, after your first conversation with her, you can start to travel at night. There is a new co-op controller assignment screen; fishing is now available in co-op too.

Here are the other changes:

  • New visual effects when Stanley is found.
  • UI now shows how many items can be added to stations.
  • Recipe collection now shares the same sorting as the recipe book.
  • Island’s names now appear while fast travelling.
  • Bus Stops are easier to see from the Fast Travel screen.

All told, it’s a pretty decent update!


If you’re a big fan of the game, you’ll want to check out LudoNarraCon. The developers will discuss how they created the game, and you’ll get to meet the team (virtually). It runs from April 23 to April 25. You can click here for more details on the event.


Spiritfarer is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. It is also included with Xbox Game Pass.