Split/Second Review

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Developer: Black Rock Studio Publisher: Disney Interactive
Release Date: May 18, 2010 Available On: PS3 and Xbox 360

If you love destruction and racing games, Split/Second is the game for you. A game that is probably crazier than even Burnout, Split/Second is all about pure carnage on the road. I recently had the chance to interview the Game Director for Split/Second, Nick Baynes of Black Rock Studios. His description of the game (along with the recently released demo) make this one highly anticipated racing game.

“We’re always looking to bring fun, exciting new gameplay to racing games,” Nick told me. He says that the game’s chase sequences is influenced by movies like Bad Boys II and Terminator. In survival mode, you drive around in storm drains, trying to wheel around and avoid explosive barrels. Split/Second is meant to create an intensity level not seen in a racing game before.

The single player is broken up into individual episodes. Each episode is made up of qualifying events where you need a target number of points to unlock an elite race. In the elite race you are playing against the most advanced racers. In order to get invited to the next episode, you have to place in the top 3. No pressure, right?

Other game modes include elimination and one where helicopters chase your vehicle firing rockets. I told you this game was crazy. Better yet, you only have to wait a couple more weeks as the game launches on May 18. Until then you can download the demo on PSN and Xbox Live to test it out for yourself.

Written by Kyle Bell

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