Spookware is bringing episodic microgames to Steam this month


Spookware is a compilation of a bunch of horror-inspired microgames in an episodic format.

Spookware was unveiled today as a new indie game for PC from Beeswax and DreadXP. You’ll join the three skelebros, Lefti, Midi, and Righti on a great road trip while playing hundreds of handcrafted, fast-paced, horror-inspired microgames along the way.

A compilation of horror clich├ęs

Each episode of the game has three chapters with its unique set of locales, microgames, mechanics, and storylines. Challenge yourself with a plethora of blazing-fast handcrafted, blood-pumping, horror-inspired microgames. There are over 60 in the first episode alone.

Spookware isn’t just a bunch of random microgames. Each microgame is meticulously intertwined into the tale, blending arcade-style microgame medleys with classic adventure games. And each region contains whole new gaming elements to put your microgame abilities to the test.

The first episode of Spookware will be available on PC via Steam on August 26 for $9.74.

Watch the Spookware trailer down below!

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