SRC: Sprint Robot Championship gets Early Access update, release date

SRC: Sprint Robot Championship

The first-person racing game SRC: Sprint Robot Championship is celebrating its Steam Early Access anniversary with a new update. The developers have also confirmed the release date for the full version.

The Anniversary update introduces bug fixes and “quality of life” improvements. You can now race through all of the tracks in either Circuit or Eliminator mode. According to the developers, this doubles the base game content.

“Additional improvements include a revamped Championship mode with 10 new Championships to complete, network lobby improvements, and a leaderboard wipe to several tracks to accommodate for the recent changes,” the developer says.

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SRC: Sprint Robot Championship is now slated for a March 1 full release on Steam. It will continue to receive additional content – like new tracks for Sprint mode and quality of life improvements – during its Early Access period. The game retails for $14.99.

Watch a trailer for SRC below!

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