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Star Wars: Hunters gameplay trailer debuts

Star Wars: Hunters

The first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Hunters is here!

Zynga and Lucasfilm Games announced today the release of the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming Star Wars cinematic universe game. This new gameplay for Star Wars: Hunters gives us a closer look at the forthcoming competitive arena combat title.

A very different Star Wars adventure than previously presented

For those who haven’t heard of this title, which has mostly gone unnoticed by many Star Wars enthusiasts, Star Wars: Hunters will bring players together in real-time combat situations inspired by classic Star Wars locations in teams of four. In an action game that immerses players in a fast-paced, aesthetically spectacular Star Wars battle, gamers will compete as daring bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, and rebels of the fallen Empire.

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A sneak peak of the adventure that awaits us next year

This trailer depicts a diversified squad of Hunters vying for glory in the Vespaara sports complex, as well as a variety of competitive arenas. Furthermore, this teaser emphasizes each fighter’s distinct combat style.

Star Wars: Hunters

Rieve and J-3DI with their lightsaber expertise, Zaina and Sentinel with pinpoint accuracy, Imara Vex with her extensive armory of bounty hunter weaponry, Grozz with his physical power, Slingshot’s smart droideka technology, and Utooni’s inventive use of scavenged bits are among the warriors we see.

“Today’s gameplay reveal gives players their first look at the Hunters in action, showcasing eight of the dynamic characters which will be available at launch,” said Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga. “Our teams at NaturalMotion and Boss Alien are excited for fans to enter the fray and compete for galaxy-wide glory in the Arena next year.”

Star Wars: Hunters will be free to download for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices. The game will feature cross-platform play across all platforms.

Watch the new gameplay trailer down below!