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Star Wars Squadrons: A first look at the single-player, multiplayer, ships, and more

Star Wars Squadrons

The Star Wars: Rogue Squadron fan in me geeked out when EA announced Squadrons this week. Now, we have learned new details on the single-player campaign, multiplayer modes, ships, and more.

It’s being described as “the definitive Star Wars pilot experience” thanks to its support for VR throughout the game. And after watching the reveal trailer and the just-released first look at the gameplay, it’s easy to see why.

Single-player campaign

In a neat twist, the campaign mode has you play as two different combat pilots. You’ll fly for both the Empire and the New Republic. This isn’t the first Star Wars game that lets you play from the Empire’s perspective, but it’s a welcome addition to the single-player experience.

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Star Wars Squadrons screenshot

Most of the world is experienced through your cockpit. Whereas older games could be quite ridiculous with overlays, Squadrons has a sleek user interface and minimalist design. Instruments in your spacecraft provide critical information on shields and the like, so it doesn’t obstruct your view.

Multiplayer Modes

The main multiplayer mode that most will play is called dogfight. Dogfights are five-versus-five online battles between two competing teams. Among other things, players can use tractor beams and mines to trip up opponents.

Meanwhile, Fleet Battles are multi-stage conflicts. It sounds like it will be similar to Battlefront II‘s Starfighter Assault or the Grand Operations from EA’s Battlefield franchise. And as in Dogfight, you can play Fleet Battle alone or with friends in a squadron of five.

Before the match starts, you’ll meet in a social hub to coordinate strategy. The first stage has you push the front line in a dogfight. Next, your team must attack or defend medium-sized ships. Lastly, the final stage has you target and destroy your opponents’ flagship.

The ships

There are eight different ships to choose from. These include fighters (i.e. X-Wing, TIE Fighter), which are the most versatile ships in the game. Interceptors are fast and maneuverable. These include the TIE Interceptor and the A-Wing.

Star Wars: Squadrons TIE fighters

Support ships keep allies alive and their ships stocked up with supplies. These ships include the TIE Reaper and U-Wing. Bombers include the TIE Bomber and Y-Wing. These are the game’s “heavy hitters” able to deal heavy damage to large spacecraft.


And you’ll be able to modify your ships, too. There are at least 50 different components that you can swap in and out of your ship’s loadout before a match. You unlock components from playing the game. There are no microtransactions. (Yay!)

Star Wars: Squadrons is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Store on October 2. As previously mentioned, the PC and PS4 versions have full VR support.

Pre-orders are now open at Amazon for $39.99.