Stardew Valley 1.6 update among biggest updates ever for game

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is among the most popular devs in the inde industry. The work he has accomplished with Stardew Valley and keeping it going for so long is incredible. Plus, knowing that he single-handedly works behind every update blows anyone’s mind.

Eric once again surprises with an announcement on his social networks about Stardew Valley. He surprisingly announces Stardew Valley 1.6 and if you’re a fan of the game you’re not ready for everything that’s coming!

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8 person multiplayer, a new festival, new farm type and much more!

Eric has done it again! It’s amazing how an independent developer has been able to create perhaps one of the most important life simulation and management games in the history of video games. So, with every post on Facebook or every post on X (previously called Twitter), he stirs up all the Stardew Valley fans.

As it could not be otherwise, the good ConcernedApe is working on a new update and has notified all the fans with a post on X. Where he not only surprised by the fact that he is working on a new update. Also, it has made a sneak peek with some of the things that are coming in this new update !

As we can see in the post, we will have a lot of content. Much of the Stardew Valley community has extensive knowledge with the game’s mods. However, nothing compares to the impeccable work that Eric achieves in each update of the game. That’s why, in a matter of minutes, we could see how the responses to this post exploded.

The highlight of this update 1.6 is the addition of multiplayer up to 8 players. However, it will only be available on PC. Also, it adds a new big festival, new winter costumes for villagers, new farm, and much more! Also, here are all the changes coming to the game:

  • A new major festival
  • Two new mini festivals
  • New late-game content, which expands on each of the skill areas
  • New items and crafting recipes
  • Joja alternatives to some of the end-game quests
  • 100+ new lines of dialogue
  • Winter outfits for the villagers
  • New type of reward for completing billboard requests
  • Support for 8 player multiplayer (PC)
  • Many small additions and adjustments
  • New farm type
  • New secrets & more

Note that no release date has been announced. This means that it will be a long time before 1.6 arrives on PC. And on consoles and mobiles, we could be receiving this update in the middle or end of next year. Of course, ConcernedApe could surprise us for the first time and release it this winter!