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Stardew Valley multiplayer now live on PS4, delayed on Xbox One

The popular farming sim Stardew Valley has seen multiplayer added to the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, but PS4 and Xbox One owners have been waiting patiently.

Well, the wait is over for PS4 owners. The one-man indie studio behind Stardew Valley released the PS4 update this week, adding four-player multiplayer to the game. Now you’ll be able to farm, fish, and mine with friends.

Unfortunately for Xbox One players, the update has been delayed due to certification issues. At this point, it’s not clear when the Xbox One version of the game will get the multiplayer update.

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“Normally I’d wait to release simultaneously, but considering the circumstances, I’ve decided to launch on PS4 immediately,” the game’s creator wrote on Twitter.

That’s obviously a bummer for Xbox One owners, but at least PS4 owners will be able to get in on the fun. It should be noted that the PS4 version’s multiplayer requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Watch a trailer for the game’s multiplayer below!