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Starfield delayed until September

Bethesda announced today that the game will arrive almost a year late.

Bethesda, one of the kings in the industry dedicated to RPGs, has a big project on its hands: Starfield. Who hasn’t imagined adventures like Skyrim or Fallout but in space? Well, Bethesda, as we have already mentioned here, will make this idea a reality. But, although the game was already presented last year, what Bethesda has shared today is a blow to the Xbox lineup. Starfield is delayed until September.

Through Twitter, the American company announced that Starfield finally has a release date: September 6, 2023. It’s bittersweet news that has confirmed a new delay to the game. But, it will feature a game event in June that will show much more than we imagined.

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Almost a year delay

Starfield is the new big bet by Xbox and Bethesda. This space RPG plans to achieve everything that No Man’s Sky once promised and more! Even in the teaser shared by these companies, we can see a sneak peek of what awaits us in this great adventure. Despite all the good things about the game, it has had different elements that have raised alarm bells.

As many already know, Starfield will continue to use the Creation Engine, but in this case, it will be the Creation Engine 2. It is a modified version of a game engine that is already 11 years old. Thanks to this, Stafield‘s graphics and physics will leave much to be desired – or so we have seen after the teaser was shared.

But, the big problem behind Starfield is not in the technical section but the delays of the game. Initially, Starfield was planned to be released on November 11. Then, Xbox and Bethesda notified us that the game had been delayed without a specific date but that the release window was mid-year. But, after not appearing at the last Xbox and Bethesda online event, another possible delay was expected. Not surprisingly, Bethesda has confirmed it through Twitter.

After a short video of fewer than three minutes, Todd Howard notifies us that the game will be delayed almost a year from its initially planned release date. The announcement of the delay is not accompanied by a new gameplay trailer, but we can see Starfield in motion in the background. However, the only positive thing behind this announcement was the confirmation of the game’s own event on June 11.

The delay of the game is a pity. Even so, we cannot deny that our desire to try the game is great. And, we hope that in the June event, we will see better technical performance of the game.