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Start making indie games with the GameMaker Studio 2 Bundle

GameMaker Studio 2 Bundle

Have fun, learn, and create video games with this new Humble Bundle.

For many people, programming and creating games can be a bit tedious and complicated. But what if I told you there was a way where you could learn how to create video games while having a lot of fun? The new GameMaker Studio 2 Bundle from Humble Bundle is the solution to that problem.

Get started right away with GameMaker Studio 2, the creation environment for beginners and experts that has powered a number of well-known indie successes. Begin your game-development experience with a one-year Creator membership and launch your game on desktop and mobile platforms.

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Plus, if you’re working on a game and need some inspiration (or a vacation from it), check out this selection of games made using GameMaker Studio, including Post Void and Crashlands.

If you want to make your video game programming experience fun but very educational, don’t think twice and get the new GameMaker Studio 2 Bundle before it ends!