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Steel Assault, the 2D Retro Action Platformer from Tribute Games, is coming to the Switch and PC

Steel Assault

Punch, whip, and zip line your way through  Tribute Games’ post-apocalyptic title.

Tribute Games, in cooperation with Zenovia Interactive, released a new teaser video for Steel Assault, a 2D retro action platformer game. Tribute Games stated in the teaser that the game will be released this month for Nintendo Switch and PC.

A trip back to the 90s.

The game is a fast-paced, action-packed 2D platformer developed by Zenovia Interactive in which players must combat and live in a post-apocalyptic America. Due to tough gameplay built for a 4:3 screen resolution with optional arcade bezels, the game provides a genuine ‘90s arcade gaming experience.

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In a time when titles that simulate and transport players back to the 1990s are uncommon, Zenovia Interactive has done everything right for Steel Assault to appeal to both younger and older audiences. All players will be able to play the game on “vintage hard” or switch to a more casual platformer with a range of difficulty settings.

Steel Assault will be released on September 28 for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Watch the new release date trailer of Steel Assault down below.