Steve and Alex Amiibo
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Steve and Alex Amiibo to finally arrive in September

Steve and Alex Amiibo

After many delays and rumors that finally would not come out, fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have the amiibo they have long requested

There are few characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have really connected with players. Cloud, Terry, Bayonetta, or even Young Link are among the most popular among players. Still, a character with incredible power has stood out from the rest: Steve and Alex from Minecraft.

As a result, players kept asking for an amiibo of these characters. Finally, after two long years of announcements and delays, Nintendo announces the release date of the Steve and Alex amiibo. 2 amiibo truly faithful to the characters’ original blocky designs.

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After a long wait, they are finally here (kind of)

Almost 9 months after the delay, Nintendo has confirmed it. Nintendo had planned to release both amiibo in spring 2022. Along with the release of the AMRS Min Min amiibo. However, not everything went as Nintendo expected. Some of the most important rumors about the delay of these amiibo, were the problems in the manufacture and distribution of the figures.

It seems that, from Nintendo’s side, everything was ready for the spring release. But, Mojang was not entirely happy with the designs created for the Amiibo. In addition, Nintendo was planning to sell both figures separately, something that Mojang was not very excited about either.

Therefore, Nintendo has finally announced that the Steve and Alex amiibo will arrive this September 9 in a double pack. Just like that, for the purchase of this pack, you will be receiving both the Steve amiibo and the Alex amiibo. This way, you won’t have to worry about choosing one or the other.

Games compatible with the new amiibo

The good thing about these amiibo, is that we can use it in different games. Primarily, these amiibo belong to the collection of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but Nintendo has confirmed that they will be compatible with the games:

  • Miitopia
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Super Mario 3D Worlds + Bowser’s Fury
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
  • Super Kirby Clash
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you want to get this double amiibo pack of Steve and Alex from Minecraft, you can do it from this September 9 in physical stores and online. If you want to know more information about these amiibo, you can do it by clicking here.