Strange Horticulture is out now on Steam

Strange Horticulture

Enjoy planting, cats, and some murder mysteries.

Strange Horticulture, a plant shop mystery game from indie developer Bad Vikings in collaboration with Iceberg Interactive, is now available on PC. Strange Horticulture is a unique game in which players gather and classify strong plants. Use your expanding collection to shape the tale and uncover Undermere’s dark secrets.

Undermere, a lovely village surrounded by witch-infested woodlands and steep mountains, is the setting for the game. You’ll take on the role of the Horticulturist, proprietor of Strange Horticulture, a neighborhood plant shop. As a cast of colorful clientele passes through your shop, you get soon entangled in a mysterious mystery that dates back hundreds of years.

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Explore the world and find new plants

Explore the areas outside your shop for new plants, but keep in mind that the gloomy woods and lakes aren’t always welcoming to a novice herbalist. You may get abilities beyond your wildest fantasies, or you could utterly lose your mind.

Strange Horticulture

You’ll discover more about the weird flora you come across by consulting your trusty encyclopedia and the hints you find throughout your adventures. You’ll be able to harness the impacts of each plant to alter the plot if you can identify them.

Strange Horticulture is now available for $14.99 with a 10% launch discount on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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