Stray animated film announced

Stray is one of the few games where a video game becomes art. Few titles get you hooked the way BlueTwelve Studio’s title does. And it presents a perfect story that will transcend video games.

Annapurna Interactive, who published the title, is lending the rights to its animation subsidiary for an adaptation. Surprisingly, Annapurna Animation will work on an animated feature film that follows the aesthetics and story of the game.

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A promising adaptation

If you don’t know Annapurna Animation, this subsidiary of the video game distributor is behind NIMONA, an animated series with an incredible artistic style. It manages to capture a cyberpunk world that has created great expectations among the audience.

Thanks to this, Annapurna Interactive had a great idea: make a feature film out of Stray but adapt it into animation. And come to think of it, it’s a perfect idea. Stray‘s story is a great one to adapt. But Annapurna clearly doesn’t want to rush things.

Neither company has shared any more information about it than what we are sharing with you today. Especially since Annapurna Animation’s focus is on NIMONA. However, they assure that this movie will have the same impact as the release of the game.

However, we at Game Freaks 365 will be keeping an eye out for any updates on Stray’s animation!