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Stray, the cyberpunk cat, delights us with new gameplay


Annapurna Interactive debuted a lengthy gameplay clip for Stray, the upcoming cyberpunk feline adventure game for PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

Stray‘s release date was initially set for 2021, according to the publisher’s announcement of the game in June 2020. However, due to the new gameplay teaser, we now know that it is not coming out until next year. We’re hoping that it is well worth the wait!

A cat in a cyberpunk city

Although there is no word on a specific release date for this long-awaited game, we have already seen a lengthy video of its gameplay, which allows us to see how far it appears to have progressed.

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Despite the fact that we had only seen a cinematic that revealed the tone of Stray during its presentation, we have now seen the feline in motion, how it moves, and what interactions with the environment we can create due to B12, its accompanying drone, and how wonderful this project looks in general.

Stray will launch in early 2022 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Watch the Stray gameplay trailer below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R-splyERsI&w=1280&h=721]